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At Bee Magic we love to take every opportunity to tell people about honey bees.  On the left side are many links to information about pollination, how to create a garden for bees, info for teachers and beekeepers and tips on what you can do to help the bees.


There are daily postings of Fun Bee Facts as well as Beekeeper Tips on TikTok at @BarbBeeMagic , on Facebook Bee Magic and YouTube Bee Magic  All postings are PG.


You can also visit our blogs, one for children called Bee Magic Chronicles for Kids and also one on the daily life of Barara the beekeeper called The Bee Journal.


We also do presentations about bees in the London Ontario area.  Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you'd like to book us for an event.


If you have a question about bees and can't find the answer you can email and she'll do her best to get an answer for you.

Photo Gallery: Our Apiary At A Glance

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