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Honey Bee Powerpoint Presentation (editable)
A presentation for children or adults created in Powerpoint which you may download and edit to use for presentations on honey bees There are speakers notes which can be viewed in Powerpoint's Notes View.
Microsoft Power Point presentation [38.9 MB]
Honeybees Slideshow
A slideshow about honeybees for a presentation to either children or adults. It's the same presentation as the one above but this one can be run directly from the web site. (Cannot be edited.)
Microsoft Power Point presentation [38.9 MB]

Beekeepers' Presentation for the Classroom


If you're a beekeeper, it's only a matter of time until the local rotary club, the church group, legion, or public schools contact you to ask to do a presentation about honey bees. Below is an interactive presentation created in Powerpoint (version 2003) called honeybees.pps


Above is a free to use/copy or edit the presentation for the classroom or groups.  The honeybee.pps is set up as a slideshow and cannot be edited.  It can be run right from this website by clicking on the link.


The second file, honeybees.ppt is the same presentation in it's original Powerpoint format and can be downloaded and edited to personalize it for your presentation.  It's free and permission is given for editing and changes.


If you've never presented to children here are some helpful techniques to use when presenting to children which you can read on Barb's Bee Journal Blog:


Here is a link to an amazing video of the life cycle of honeybees from egg to hatching, filmed in macro and sped up.  Pretty amazing:


A free beekeeping online course is offered by



Help for New Beekeepers:


The University of Guelph Bee Research Centre has made a series of free instructional videos on beekeeping.  The instructor, Paul Kelly, is easy to understand and he covers the small things that new beekeepers need to know.  Get help with questions like how do I find the queen, how to handle frames, how to avoid swarming, etc.


Canadian Beekeeping Associations


Canadian Honey Council

British Columbia Honey Producers Association

Alberta Beekeepers Organization

Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association

Manitoba Beekeepers Association

Ontario Bee Association

Ontario Honey

New Brunswick Beekeepers Association

New Brunswick Central Alliance Association
Newfoundland & Labrador Beekeeping Association

Nova Scotia Beekeepers Association

Alberta Provincial Apiculturist


Bee Swarm List


Beekeepers in Ontario have received many swarm phone calls through this website.  If you'd like to be added, send an email with the subject Swarm List to to have your name added to the swarm list.  It's very helpful if you indicate if you do removals from inside walls and also if you will remove other insect pests such as yellow jackets and wasps.  Indicate what areas (counties or cities) you'll collect from as well as your email and phone number and website.  The popular Swarm List of names and contact info is here.



American Beekeeping Federation

American Honey Producers

National Honey Board

California State Beekeepers

Hawaii Beekeepers Association



British Beekeepers Association

European Professional Beekeepers Association

Australian Beekeeping Associations


International Bee Research Association

International Federation of Agricultural Producers


Recommendations for Books on Bees/Beekeeping


The ABC and Xyz of Bee Culture by A. I. Root

Robbing the Bees

Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston (Best recommended book for beginners)

Honey Plants of North America by John H. Lovell

Natural Beekeeping by Ross Conrad

Beekeeping: A Practical Guide by Richard E. Bonney

The Buzz About Bees by Dr. Jurgen Tautz (a must have)

Fruitless Fall


Beekeeping Suppliers - Ontario


Oxford Honey & Supply, Burgessville ON

Dancing Bee Equipment, Port Hope ON

Munro Honey, Alvinston, ON

Tuckamore Honey (Queens & Nucs)

Innisfil Creek Honey - Beekeeping Equipment


Online Forums & Facebook Sites


The Central Beekeepers' Alliance from New Brunswick, Canada has a terrific website for beekeepers with how to instructions on the typical beekeeping questions, along with a comment board where you can ask questions.


Bee-L - A subscription email service by scientific beekeeping discussing all aspects of bees and beekeeping - Online forum answering questions & giving advice

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre - free instructional videos

Women in Beekeeping - an international Facebook group



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