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Our honey is listed below with prices.  We only do direct sales in London Ontario of honey.

1 kg and 500 gr jars of 100% Ontario Honey 1 kg and 500 gr jars of 100% Ontario Honey

Liquid Honey

1 kg jar

Price $13.00


500 gr jar

Price $9.00


Our 100% Ontario wildflower honey is unpasteurized (raw) so that all its essential elements are preserved by not overheating.  Our bees forage on wildflowers on conservation land.  Flowers give honey its colour and flavour with help from the bees.  We process our honey in smaller batches which helps to preserve the flower flavour.  You won't find anything this delicious in a supermarket!

1 kg and 500 gr jar of 100% Ontario Creamed Honey 1 kg and 500 gr jar of 100% Ontario Creamed Honey

Creamed Honey


1 kg jar

Price $14.00


500 gr

Price:  $10.00


Creamed honey is raw unpasteurized honey that has been cold processed in a specific way so that it will crystalize to be semi-solid but also be nice and smooth and creamy.  Creamed honey is great for kids because it's not as drippy and the honey stays on your spoon or knife until you spread it.


There's no need to keep creamed honey in the refrigerator but you can if you prefer.  Just leave it in your cupboard or counter.  If you heated crystalized honey, it would return to being liquid.  You'll notice when you spread it on your toast it will melt somewhat, which is half the fun--Totally Yummy!


For more info on creamed honey visit The Bee Journal blog .  You can make creamed honey yourself if you like.  The process is surprisingly easy.

Local Honey Sales


For local pickup of honey in London Ontario email to arrange a pick up time.


We sell our body products and candles online at BeeMagicChronicles on Etsy  and we ship internationally.

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