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Welcome to the Bee Magic web site. We love to educate people about honey bees and pollinators. 


In 2009, Barb and her dad, Lorne, officially became beekeepers starting with two hives.  Originally Barb was going to go solo with beekeeping but two weeks prior to getting her first two hives she broke her arm.  With no lifting allowed, her Dad stepped in and said he'd help.  And he stayed even after getting stung.


Lorne enjoys his retirement and keeps busy growing veggies on his farm garden.  His border collie dog Max keeps him very active.  Lorne enjoys extracting the honey and says watching it flow into a pail is just as pleasant as watching the flames of a campfire.


Barb is a certified Esthetician (graduated from Fanshawe College, London ON).  She enjoys using her knowledge of skin care to develop body products such as creams, salves, body butters and soap that use beeswax and honey.  She loves wild foraging healing plants known to be excellent for skin care and incorporating them into her products.  It reminds her of gathering rose petals as a child and making rose water.


Barb started researching honey bees in 2008, and is also working on a children's novel about honey bees.  Read about her adventures and misadventures with the bees on The Bee Journal blog.  A second blog that's specifically geared to children is at Bee Magic Chronicles for Kids.  This is where you can learn about mummified and zombie bees and all the amazing things that bees can do.


Their facebook page is Bee Magic Chronicles and Likes are always most welcome!


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